Timberhill Bakery, Norwich

Timberhill Bakery, Norwich

I’ve recently moved down to Norwich for the summer, to rehearse a show with Jonathan which will be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year (which I’m so excited about!) It’s always been a dream to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe, and I’m so excited to finally be doing it.

We’re not rehearsing every day though, which is great – it gives me time to work on my blog, and explore the beautiful city of Norwich. One of the reasons I was so looking forward to spending some time here was the fact that there are so many lovely independent coffee shops and artisan cafes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I do love a cute little coffee shop! Nothing makes me happier than cosying up with a cappuccino, and blogging away to my hearts content. And, as always, I love sharing any great foodie experiences I have with you!

First stop. The Timberhill Bakery.

Now I’m not going to lie, it was the smell of this place that drew me inside more than anything else. They make a huge range of freshly baked breads, muffins and all sorts of other glorious things every day. Freshly baked bread…is there a better smell?

And this isn’t just any old bread. When we walked in, I was hypnotised by the array of breads they had on offer. From chia and flaxseed sourdough, to 100% spelt, apricot and raisin…they made it pretty impossible to choose. Jonathan and I did end up taking a loaf of the chia and flaxseed sourdough home with us. We will more than likely fight over the last slice.

But on this particular morning, we had come in for breakfast. Again, the options all sounded so unbelievably delicious, it was a very tough call! In the end I kept it quite simple, and went for 100% spelt toast with plum, pear and ginger jam. The twist of ginger was just wonderful, and there was something so satisfying for me about crunching down on that delicious toast. Bread was always such a trigger food for me, and I didn’t touch it for ages, even though I really do adore good quality bread. So being able to enjoy this felt like a real win for me!

I’d say what Jonathan went for was more of a dessert than a breakfast. He got the chia and flaxseed sourdough toast, with organic cream cheese, berry compote and toasted pecans. Basically – cheesecake. Which is one of Jonathan’s favourite things, so it went down very well! And I have to say, it did look (and taste – I tried it) absolutely scrumptious. I really do think that if your breakfast is awesome, your day is going to be awesome. And this definitely set us up well.

This has become the place Jonathan and I always buy our bread now. We’re very good at living well on a budget, but there are a few things – and bread is one of them – that I’m always willing to spend a little more on. Not that this was expensive (I think it was £2.50 for 1/2kg), which I’m more than happy to pay for a mouth-watering, freshly baked sourdough. You can really taste the love and care that’s gone into making it, and for me, food like that is worth every penny.

This is absolutely going to become a frequent breakfast spot here in Norwich for me, and if you’re in the area…I would highly recommend it!

Remember – You don’t earn good food. You deserve good food.


Love Lucy x

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