Foodie Favourite – GREEK YOGURT

So I thought I would start a new little thing…“FOODIE FAVOURITES”

This will basically be me blogging once a week about a food that I think is particularly fabulous (of which there are many), and all the wonderful reasons you should start eating it too. I’ll also include a recipe using the super food, so you have inspiration to go enjoy it right away!

Kicking off with…


Greek yogurt is a fairly recent discovery for me, and I can’t get enough of it at the moment. It’s so much thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, and actually has a load more health benefits. It’s jam-packed full of brilliant nutrients and minerals ( a lot of which your body doesn’t produce on it’s own) . Here are some of the main ones to get excited about…

  • Vitamin B2. Needed for maintaining healthy blood cells, boosting energy levels and keeping up a healthy metabolism are some of vitamin B2’s most important jobs.
  • Vitamin B12. This is a vital vitamin to be including in your diet. If you’re vegetarian (or not quite ready to start including meat in your diet again yet), Greek yogurt is a great way to make sure you’re getting plenty of B12 in. It’s needed for the regulation of several critical body functions, such as your digestive and nervous system. It also gives you healthy skin, hair and nails – which is always a bonus!
  • Probiotics. Greek yogurt is just brimming with pro-biotics – a healthy bacteria which boosts your gut health and your immune system.
  • Protein. Greek yogurt is an absolute protein-powerhouse. One serving of Greek yogurt can actually contain up to 17mg of protein, which is amazing. Again, if you are vegetarian, this is a fabulous meat-free protein option. Protein is one of the main building blocks of your skin, muscle, cartilage, bones, hair, nails, blood – basically, you’re whole body. So get some Greek yogurt down ya!
  • Calcium. For me, this is what makes this food a real winner.¬†One serving provides 18.7% of your RDA of calcium, which is pretty great. When I was at my worst with my eating disorder, dairy was the thing I was most terrified of, and the one thing I found really difficult to incorporate back into my diet. I’d cut out all milk, cheese, yogurt – I hadn’t touched the stuff for ages. Calcium is vital for bone and muscle health, and as bone density in particular is one of the hardest things to recover after an eating disorder, it’s important to try and start incorporating dairy back into your diet as quickly as you can. (If you are vegan, there are other good ways of getting calcium into your diet, which I will do a seperate blog post on.) Greek yogurt was the way back into dairy for me, and I’d really suggest giving it a go. You only need to have a little, maybe combine it with some lovely berries…it’s one of the healthiest breakfasts you could have.

Recipe – Greek yogurt with strawberries and almonds

DSC_0029 (2)

This is such a simple, but oh-so-yummy breakfast recipe. Also great for when you fancy something a little bit sweet after dinner. It’s light, yet filling, and the nuts provide a great crunch to contrast the creamy yogurt. Hope you enjoy!


  • 175g Greek Yogurt
  • 6 strawberries, halved
  • Handful of almonds, roughly chopped.


  • Simply spoon the yogurt into your favourite bowl, and top with the strawberry slices and chopped almonds. You could try drizzling over a bit of honey for some natural sweetness, too!

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