Food in Amsterdam – Part Three!

Food in Amsterdam – Part Three!

Breakfast for Dinner


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This is the third and final part of my little “Food Adventures in Amsterdam” series. I’ve really enjoyed writing them, and I think I’m going to start doing more restaurant review blogs, to give you guys some ideas for where you can go and enjoy great food. (Or if nothing else…to give me a good excuse to keep going out for meals!)

This is a review of the place I went for dinner on our final night in Amsterdam, with my lovely friend Emma. Unfortunately, I can’t actually tell you what this place was called (which I realize isn’t very helpful) – but I can tell you it was a gorgeous little restaurant/cocktail bar, right on the edge of the Red Light District.

By the way, if you’re ever in Amsterdam, you have to visit the Red Light District. It genuinely is a fascinating place, and a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. But be warned…you can never un-see the things you will see!

Now, as silly as it may seem, I’ve always wanted to go out and have breakfast for dinner. Although I do often have porridge for dinner at home (because sometimes after a long day of waitressing, only porridge with dark chocolate will do), I’ve always fancied doing it out and about somewhere. Because I’m a little bit breakfast-obsessed.

Sadly, this is a dream I’ve never been able to fulfill in England. Here, if you ask for anything from the breakfast menu after 11am, they tend to look at you as if you’ve just said something rather insulting.

So when I was sat in this – I have to say – quite fancy cocktail bar, I did half-expect to be politely shown the door when I asked for an acai bowl with granola at 7pm. But to my delight, I wasn’t! In fact, the waiter seemed quite surprised that I thought there would be any problem at all.

So that was that! I finally had breakfast for dinner, and it was absolutely delicious. The acai was creamy and smooth, and a perfect contrast to the crunchy granola. I’ve really got back into yogurt recently (something I couldn’t touch for ages), and combined with fresh fruit and berries, it completed this bowl perfectly. And to top it all off, I enjoyed this with a whiskey and ginger ale cocktail. Breakfast & alcohol = winning life.

Any more breakfast fiends like me out there? I need to find you all. Then we can open a “Breakfast for Dinner” restaurant…

Love Lucy x

breakfast for dinner


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